UPDATED JULY 2018: My hubby's 85 and I'm nearly 70 and need to eat and love to create! THAT is why we don't retire.

We believe an excellent product WITHOUT excellent customer service is absolutely useless and work at keeping our prices affordable, products excellent and customers happy. So come on over and give us a chance to win your business!

We recently added our hugely popular ink printed patches and currently do no more embroidery!

Creating things and helping others has been a way of life and more important now than ever. I've had many challenges in all my years but a few years ago THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE HIT!

ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE. It changed my mother's and my life. To be there for her, my family and help earn additional income, I needed flexibility in my life. Then several years later I had to get serious about the business as my husband could not continue working full-time. So we stepped out in faith that God would provide. And He has!

Merging the gifts and talents God's given us, here we are hoping to bless you as you bless us!

Without your purchases, we would not be self-supporting AND have had time for my mother who passed away April 2016. YOU are MORE than a customer to us. You are appreciated and we hope you tell your friends about "us old folks" and help us "keep on keepin' on"! Thank you.

To God be the Glory!

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